Finding a Manager

Oct 15, 2016 by

The first concrete step in any screenwriter’s career these days tends to be signing with a manager. It used to be signing with an...

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Apr 17, 2017 by

When developing a screenplay (or series) idea, I’m always looking for what the main problem is. The one big problem that is really...

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Golden Fleece

Apr 11, 2017 by

A “team” goes down a long “road” in search of an important “prize.” These are the key elements of the movie genre that Blake...

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Rite of Passage

Mar 23, 2017 by

My favorite thing about Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat screenwriting books is his theory that successful movies tend to each fall within...

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The 8 Story Problems

Mar 4, 2017 by

There are only so many types of situations a human being can be in, that are big and relatable enough to base a movie on. As I see...

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Series = Ensemble

Feb 26, 2017 by

When coming up with an idea for a television series, and writing a pilot script, writers often make the mistake of approaching it...

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The 20 Script Must-Haves

Jan 28, 2017 by

The things that make screenwriting hard to succeed at are not mysterious. They’re just not easy to achieve. Successful scripts...

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Degree of Difficulty

Jan 20, 2017 by

I often say that a good story idea focuses on one big problem that it takes the whole story to solve. What that means is that the...

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What are the stakes?

Jan 12, 2017 by

It’s a constant question producers, agents and executives will ask: What are the stakes? And it’s maybe the most common...

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Keeping it Real

Oct 29, 2016 by

One of the most frequent and important types of notes I give on scripts is to question whether something seems REAL. Another way of...

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Chasing Success

Jul 3, 2016 by

We writers realize that the chances of any one thing we write being “successful” are slim. At least that’s true if we define...

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Perfect Counterparts

Apr 17, 2016 by

What makes an audience root for two people to be together? The Save the Cat books have a name for the type of story where the primary...

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