For those of you who use the Blake Snyder Beat Sheet (which I highly recommend, and use in my script consulting), I recently came across an archived blog post from Blake himself, where he goes into greater detail on how he thinks the “Finale” section (that huge chunk of Act 3 that decides the ultimate outcome of the story) works.  He breaks it down into five steps, using a “rescue the princess from the castle” metaphor, which is not to be taken literally – whatever the main problem of the script is that we’re waiting to see resolved, here is where the main character has to summon everything they have and face their biggest challenge yet, putting the “new idea” of Act 3 into practice – and it’s usually where their ultimate change (or decision to remain “steadfast,” if you understand Dramatica lingo) finally happens, which is a key part in deciding the ultimate outcome.

As usual, Blake’s style is breezy, funny, and a quick read.  Check it out:

(It’s also included in the third book, SAVE THE CAT STRIKES BACK.)

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