My January 9 webinar for The Writers Store on “What Makes a Great Scene” is now available online through their store, for $79.

Similar to the webinars I offered on “True Stories” and “Creating Series Ideas and Writing Spec Pilots“, it’s a Powerpoint/audio program with a few questions I answered at the end — from students who were there live.

Among other things, I shared what I’ve come to understand about how to create a compelling and entertaining story from the “macro” level of concept, genre and structure, down to the “micro” level of scene – that basic unit of storytelling of which all scripts are entirely composed – which determines the level and type of emotional impact the audience will experience.

What you’ll learn:

  • How “outer problems” drive stories and scenes more than “inner journeys”
  • How good scenes focus on strong desires which meet unexpected conflict
  • What Jerry Maguire, Pretty Woman, and The Godfather have in common
  • The importance of understanding “what the audience wants to happen”
  • How every scene should “change the game” of the main story problem(s)
  • Why it’s best to make your main character’s thoughts and plans clear
  • How Save the Cat’s genres, beat sheet and scene-card process can help
  • How to describe emotional states that put the reader inside your character
  • Techniques for communicating information without being “expositional”
  • What great subtext in dialogue looks like, and how it improves scenes
I also recommend my "Ten Key Principles Successful Writers Understand", and my series of audio downloads.    And if you'd like me to read something you're working on, check out my consulting page.
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