Teaching at UCLA

May 25, 2013 by

Teaching at UCLA

In Fall 2013 I started teaching a course at UCLA Extension Writers Program on adapting true stories into feature screenplays. It’s a ten-week online class, available from anywhere in the world.  I’m using the Save the Cat books to help writers identify the proper genre for their adaptation of something historical, and its “beat sheet” as a method of arriving at their own unique take on the “story’ within the true facts.

Since then I’ve taught the course most quarters, and expect to continue doing so.  Check my page at the Writers’ Program site to see the latest…

I took classes at this program myself in the early stages of my career, and am excited about being part of the faculty there. They bill themselves as “the largest open-enrollment creative writing and screenwriting program in the nation.”  (Probably in the world, actually.)




If you haven't read them already, I also recommend my "Ten Key Principles Successful Writers Understand", and my series of audio downloads.

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  1. Louis

    UCLA Extension – I’d love to take classes there as soon as my budget will allow. Good luck with it, Eric.

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