My UCLA Extension class on “Finding the Story in True Stories” is now taking students for Summer Quarter starting July 1.

It’s an all online class that can be taken from anywhere.  The 15 slots have historically filled up very quickly, so if you’re interested, check it out soon!

I will also be teaching it Fall Quarter, which starts October 7.

In the class, each student brings an idea for a feature film based on a true story, and we work on finding the “story” within that idea, relying heavily on the ten “genres” and “Beat Sheet” from the Save the Cat books.  At the end of class, students have a finished 4-page Beat Sheet that has been shaped, written and re-written with my guidance and input — and their idea has come a LONG way from where it started.

I also recommend my "Ten Key Principles Successful Writers Understand", and my series of audio downloads.    And if you'd like me to read something you're working on, check out my consulting page.
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