Screenwriting resume

The pdf name you can click on below is a version  of my “credits list” from a few years ago (which includes both produced projects, and unproduced scripts that somebody paid me for), from my agents at Creative Artists.  This is what they would send to potential employers, usually attached to a writing sample.


Here’s what page 1 (of 2) looks like:


  1. Paul

    Thank you! Having not had a “job” in several years, I’ve been hard-pressed to come up with a resume that looks like it belongs to a sane person.

  2. Lucy Rodriguez

    Fantastic. Great help.

  3. Mark

    I’m just starting and the I’m doing right now are skits for my church. However, it has given me great practice not only writing, but also directing. Thanks for the example.

  4. Rebecca

    Thanks! This is really helpful!


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