Free consulting

I offer a free twenty-minute introductory call to any writer who wants advice and/or feedback on their project(s).  (I can read up to three loglines in advance of the call.)

If you know a writer you think would appreciate and benefit from this, please send them to me, and I will offer you an additional free half hour of my time as a “thank you” for the referral.

Also, if someone you refer to me does end up booking me, for any amount, I will thank you with a 20% discount off any script consulting.

These discounts and free blocks of time are cumulative, and can be combined to increase the savings.

Please see my rates page for more info on what I normally charge for my time.

And feel free to e-mail me with questions.

If you haven't read them already, I also recommend my "Ten Key Principles Successful Writers Understand", and my series of audio downloads.


  1. Thanks for the post for posting “Earn free script consulting | flying wrestler”.
    Imight definitely be coming back for a great deal more browsing and writing
    comments soon. Thank you, Judith

  2. Aloha Erik,

    Wanted to say how valuable the webinar, “Finding the ‘Story’ in True Stories” was for me. You cut through my confusion with practical approaches. I need to let go of the research material and focus on my unique take. The project I’m working on is about an American music icon and the history is daunting. I’m getting busy on my rewrite with renewed vigor! I will be back in contact for some script consulting soon.

    Mahalo nui loa

    Jack Miller / Big Island of Hawaii

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