One of my recent scripts

This is a pilot I wrote on spec for a potential half-hour series. I then developed it with the wonderful producing team at The Littlefield Company, and their comedy executives at ABC Studios.  There was even a punch-up session with some very funny writers who had worked on Friends and S**t My Dad Says, among other shows.

This was the final draft that went to the ABC Network in January 2012, where it competed with what I understand were about a hundred other comedy scripts — to be one of the ten pilots they would produce that year.  It didn’t manage to beat those long odds, but it was a great experience working on it…

(Click on the link to read the script in a new tab or window:)

Community Property

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  1. Judith Duncan

    I loved this. Especially the line about rubbing lotion on herself in the basement! A lot of fun characters.

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