What makes a great idea

Oct 2, 2009 by

To my mind, there are four things a concept has to have for it to really work. The first is, it has to be COMPELLING.  By that I mean...

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Twenty minutes a day

Sep 9, 2009 by

Even when your full-time “day job” is working on a writing project (as it is for me), chances are there’s something...

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Paying tribute to Blake Snyder

Aug 7, 2009 by

I never met the man in person, but ever since a producer turned me on to SAVE THE CAT a couple years ago, it has been my most-quoted...

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Having faith

Jun 25, 2009 by

I’ve been working on my primary current project, now, for nine months. That might not seem like such a long time, until you...

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"Talent" is overrate...

May 29, 2009 by

Because screenwriting is such a competitive field, and a “tournament profession,” where there are a very limited number...

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Why I pursued a writing career

Dec 30, 2008 by

I realize now, after about ten years making my living as a Los Angeles-based screenwriter, that there is really only one kind of...

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