Consulting Rates

“Fifteen and Four”

Erik’s most economical method for giving feedback on material is priced at $195, and is called the “Fifteen and Four.” With this introductory package, he reads the first 15 pages of a script, plus a 4-page story or series synopsis — then discusses it with you during a one-hour recorded phone conference (or Skype call).

Erik recommends this as a starting point, because in his experience, 90% of the important notes he has on a script will be notes that he would also have on that 4-page synopsis — notes that center on the story concept, main character and structure. (For a feature screenplay, the “Beat Sheet” from the SAVE THE CAT books provides a great template to use.)

Alternative options for the “Fifteen and Four” are:

(1) 25 script pages, with no 4-page synopsis.
(2) A 10-12 page outline, with no script pages.
(3) A 4-page synopsis, with no script pages — in which case Erik will first provide written comments and e-mail them back, before doing the phone or Skype conference.
(4) A 4-page synopsis, plus a coverage report from a service like (Erik can read and interpret reader scores and comments, and help you identify next steps, in addressing the feedback.)
(5) Two rounds of written notes on a one-page synopsis or query, followed by a 60-minute call.
(6) A 90-minute call to discuss a one-page synopsis or verbal pitch for an idea.

Of course, there are times where a full script read is the preference (see below for details on that), but more often than not, this introductory package makes an ideal way to begin working with Erik.

Fifteen and Four


The “Add to Cart” buttons on this page will take you to a Paypal shopping cart, through which you can prepay using a major credit or debit card, or e-check. This reserves your spot the quickest, and gets you the fastest turnaround time, but there is a 3% “tax” to cover Paypal’s fees to Erik.

If you’d rather prepay by sending a cashier’s check or money order, you can send it to:

Funclub Unlimited (Erik’s corporation name, please put this on the payee line)
PO Box 281
Agoura Hills, CA 91376

Please e-mail Erik to let him know it’s on its way, and when to expect it.

With any payment, Erik will confirm receipt via e-mail, and let you know when to expect feedback by.



Erik’s rates for reading and giving feedback on a full typical length feature film screenplay (120 pages or less) are as follows:

* For a four-page written analysis and suggestions, covering concept, genre, structure, and execution — looking at the project’s overall potential, what he felt you were trying to achieve, and how best to improve it moving forward: $495.

* For a 90-minute Skype or phone conversation, in which all of the above is covered with slightly less detail (and no written backup), but with an opportunity for extended back-and-forth discussion: $495.

* For both a four-page analysis & suggestions, and a 60-minute conversation: $625.


Erik also offers ongoing margin notes detailing all his most significant reactions that he had to the material as he was reading it, giving you a specific sense of how it was working for a professional reader at each point along the way — at the following rates:

* For margin notes only: $595.

* For margin notes plus a 60-minute conversation: $695.

* For margin notes plus a 4-page written analysis and suggestions: $795.

* For margin notes plus a 60-minute conversation and a 4-page analysis/suggestions (the “Complete Package”): $895.

To order using Paypal, choose from these drop-down menus:

Screenplay Consultation without Margin Notes:

Screenplay Consultation with Margin Notes:


Development Coaching

If you are interested in ongoing help in identifying your best ideas, shaping them into outlines and eventually scripts, Erik offers “development coaching” to a select number of clients. This is the most high-impact form of consulting, more like having a manager, producer or professor working with you one-on-one over the long term on a project.


Television scripts

Erik also does a lot of work with television writers (of pilots, or spec episodes of existing shows), and offers the following packages (choose from the drop-down menus):

One-Hour Teleplay without Margin Notes:

One-Hour Teleplay with Margin Notes:

Half-hour Teleplay without Margin Notes:

Half-hour Teleplay with Margin Notes:


Short film scripts

(under 20 minutes in length — choose from the drop-down menus)

Short Script without Margin Notes:

Short Script with Margin Notes:


Please feel free to e-mail Erik with any questions.

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