The ten types of stories

This is my number one favorite tool for screenwriters: the ten “genres” from Blake Snyder’s SAVE THE CAT books.

This PDF chart was originally created by JD Scruggs for the SAVE THE CAT website.  I love it and have added many movie titles that I think fit Blake’s ten genres and fifty “subgenres”.

My additions are in smaller print below or to the sides of the existing lists.  You might find it easier to read if you download the pdf (see link at bottom of page to do that).  You can also use the magnifying glass buttons to zoom in.

(If you have trouble viewing the document below, you might need to log in or log out of your Google account, as it uses a Google viewer that sometimes seems to require that.)

Download (PDF, Unknown)


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  1. Paul

    Thank you (and Snyder) for such a bunch of wisdom.

  2. arthur

    very good, Erik. Thanks for your sharing.


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