Here are a couple of scenes from the two episodes I share the writing credit for: Parts 8 and 10. These are both moments I’m especially fond of, that were based pretty closely on what we understood to have really happened.



On stage at the Emmies
On stage at the Emmies

That’s me just to the left, in the photo, of Steven Spielberg. He’s accepting the award for Outstanding Miniseries for BAND OF BROTHERS, in 2002. He’s about to introduce Maj. Richard Winters, standing to the right of him in the photo, who Damian Lewis played as the lead in the miniseries. Tom Hanks was just out of frame on the others side of Winters.

I got to share in the Emmy as one of the “producers” of the miniseries. We were also nominated as a group for writing for a miniseries (and lost). Our directors, also nominated as a group, won.

In this photo you see some of the writers, directors, and actors who were not part of the “producer” group, as well — when we won, everyone seated nearby who was part of the production was invited up on stage.

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