All-time best written series

Jun 28, 2013 by

I couldn’t resist creating a chart that breaks down the recent WGA member-voted “Best written series of all time”...

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Specs that sold in 2012

Jun 15, 2013 by

SCRIPT Magazine has published my article analyzing the common elements of screenplays that sold in 2012.  One of the key things that...

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Finding the right genre

Jun 10, 2013 by

Blake Snyder’s ten “genres” and fifty “subgenres” in his Save the Cat books are my single favorite tool...

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The Two Types of TV Stories

Mar 26, 2013 by

Script Magazine has published my new article delineating the two types of stories on television — “procedural” and...

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Loglines don’t tease

Feb 26, 2013 by

Loglines describe a movie (or series) idea in a quick sentence or two that provide enough of an idea of what it’s about to...

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Spec Scout

Feb 14, 2013 by

A very cool new website called “Spec Scout” tracks the status of currently unproduced screenplays in the Hollywood...

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Script Consultants: A Waste?

Feb 12, 2013 by

A few years ago, screenwriter Craig Mazin wrote a blog post voicing his skepticism about “script consultants” —...

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ARGO and creative license

Nov 23, 2012 by

Script Magazine online published my article about ARGO’s use of creative license today.  Here’s how it begins: Having...

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THE BOOK OF MORMON musical ...

Nov 22, 2012 by

I recently got to see the L.A. production of THE BOOK OF MORMON musical.  I felt I basically knew the story from listening to the...

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The Campaign

Nov 10, 2012 by

On a plane ride a few days ago, I settled in to watch two of the funniest human beings on the planet (Will Farrell and Zach...

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Inciting Incident types

Nov 3, 2012 by

  Lately I’ve been brainstorming what to write for my next feature script.  And I’ve been looking for questions to...

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Literary Fiction/Screenwriting

Oct 25, 2012 by

Ben Fountain’s new novel Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk was recently named a (top five) finalist for the National Book...

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